Grey ETERE Air Purifier with HeMaCa Patented Filter

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Thanks to the innovative Hemaca air filter, Etere purifier fights indoor pollution by purifying 99.97% of pollutants at home and office.

Considering that we spend on average more than 22 hours a day indoor, Etere air purifier with patented filter becomes a "must have" for everyone.

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Etere's Features

Etere Air Purifier Features


It retains fine dust up to a size of 0.2µm, viruses, allergens and bacteria, metal particles and VOCs, neutralizes odors and releases purified air into the surrounding environment.

With a compact design and extremely quiet running, it improves the air you breathe in environments where you spend more time.

Purificatore d'aria efficace anche alle velocità più basse Small dimension: it suitable for all spaces The most noiseless Air Purifier for its power

HeMaCa filter with 3 layers

Il filtro brevettato HeMaCa a 3 strati è unico in Europa

HEPA H13 Layer

The HEPA H13 layer of the HeMaCa filter is capable of retaining up to 99.97% of fine dust up to 0.3µm.

HEPA H13 Layer

Magnetic Layer

Magnetic Layer

With this intermediate magnetic layer the filter performes up to 50% more pollutants reduction than normal filters on the market and retains heavy metal dust and free radical up to the size of 0.2µm.

Activated Carbon Layer

The activated carbon layer allows to retain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), such as gases, formaldehyde vapors, benzene, nitrogen dioxide and neutralize odors.

Activated Carbon Layer

Etere's Numbers

With its small size, it can be conveniently placed in all spaces and purifies up to 80 m3/ h of air. The user-friendly touch display with LED lights indicate the status of the filter and operating modes. It’s extremely quiet and low energy consumption.

Dimensioni purificatore d'aria Etere: 24x24x13cm
Etere Air Purifier Flow: 80m³ per hour
Technical Features

Data sheet

Hemaca 3-layer Patented Filter Included
Filter Layers
Active carbons
Magnetic layer
Power Supply
Electrical connection
4-15 Watt
Connectable to all printers through the Print Link device
Fan speed
4 levels
30 Dd at the lowest speed
50 Db at the highest speed
2, 4, 6, 8 or 12 hours
Etere dimensions (LxWxH):
24x24x13 cm
Hemaca dimensions (LxWxH):
18x18x3 cm
2,4 Kg
2 years

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